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Commissions, I'm taking them!

Tue Jun 14, 2011, 9:53 AM

I am currently open for commissions, and looking forward to providing great service to those that request. Hurry while slots are open!


(And if you're not looking for a commission, spread the word to someone who is and if they request work from me, you get FREE GIFT ART!!!!!)

I  work in an American comic book style and will accept:

Original Characters
Fanart (Superheroes, heroines, etc.)

Please, no Hentai or really sexually suggestive material (i.e. porn). Implied nudity and sexy poses I will do.

Commission Details are as follow:

One Arm Beatdown-Literally by DRMoore
Pencil sketches at $10……
Sketching is something I do on a regular basis. With this price, you will receive a pencil sketch, of which composition is up to me. Tell me what you want drawn, and I'll do it.

$25 for Tight Pencils………
The next stage in my pencilling process is making more defined lines, with varying thickness. For this price, you will receive clean lineart with which you may commission me to be inked or colored, but that is also a different cost.

Mina: Inks by DRMoore
$35 for Traditional/Digital Inks……
Inking takes time, and if done traditionally, supplies. To be able to replenish those supplies, I have to be able to pay for them. With this price you get fully inked line work by digital or traditional means, whatever your preference may be.

$50 for Full Color…………
For this price, I provide you with a fully colored piece. This can either be in an airbrush style, or cuts/gradients style. This is for DIGITAL WORK ONLY. If you wish for this to be printed and shipped to you, I request that you add $25 for printing and shipping costs.

Prices include 1-2 characters on a simple background or gradient. For more complex backgrounds, please add $10 to the total price. For additional characters beyond 2, please add $5 per character to the total price.

If you would like a commission, please fill out this form describing what you would like:
Character: (References if available, if not, a detailed description of character in question if an Original Character. The more detailed the better. References preferred)

Pose: (References are a must if you have a specific pose in mind, but a detailed description will suffice and I will interpret in the thumbnail/rough sketch stage)

Size: I work in 8.5x11, 9x12, 8.5x14, and 11x17. Please specify.

Type of Commission: Sketch, Tight Pencils, Ink, Color

Again, the more details you give me, the better I can serve you in your vision.

All payments must be through Paypal. When details of the commission are finalized, I ask that at least half of the payment is made to begin. At this stage I will start preliminary thumbnails/rough sketches which I will send to you for review. Once approved I will continue to the end and final payment should be made before transmission of any artwork.

I look forward to your requests, and thank you in advance for helping me in a time of need. Send me a note or email me at with your request. Thank you.

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June 14, 2011