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Night Flight by EdGPatterson

I haven't done a critique in a while, so bear with me. The vision of the piece is straightforward, so no need to touch on that. Key points here are Originality/Technique. Your anatomy is good and the use of negative space to create the form really works well. Sometimes, the form gets a little lost in the background (without the use of ambient light to reflect). Characters in space aren't an original concept, but how you went about tackling the concept is what's original. Some more variety in the stars would help the impact of the piece. Hope that helps.
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EdGPatterson Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
I haven't recieved a critique in quite a while so I very much appreciate the time you took to do one. I must admit the background was nothing more than an afterthought so I'm not surprised it didn't impress.
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